Lab14B C++

Create a new program called Lab14B that will create a multiplication table for an input number.
a. Create an integer function named getNumber (with no parameters)
i. It should ask the user to enter a positive integer between 1 and 10.
ii. In the function write a while loop that will keep asking for a number until the user enters one that meets the requirements.
iii. Then return the number.
b. Create a void function called printTable that will accept an integer as a parameter and will print out a multiplication table for that number like the example below. You need to use a loop to do this.
(If the input number is *****)
1 7
2 14
3 21
4 28
5 35
6 42
7 49
8 56
9 63
10 70c. In the main function, call getNumber to get the number for your multiplication table and then call printTable (using the returned number from getNumber as the parameter) to print it.

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