Implement a generic doubly linked list class using an internal node class to store the elements.
(LinkedListUMUC and NodeUMUC)
Specific requirements include:
• Implement a driver class for the LinkedListUMUC class. There should be appropriate comments in the source code files.
• Use the menu based approach you defined in Week 1 to test your stack class.
Methods for LinkedListUMUC
• void insertHead (T)
• void insertTail (T)
• T removeElementAt (int)
• T removeTail ()
• T removeHead ()
• T peekElementAt (int)
• T peekHead ()
• T peekTail ()
• String toString ()
Create a test report (listtest.doc/docx/pdf/…) showing the correct behaviour of all the methods; include a description of the design and lessons learned; include screenshots of your running program.
– the Java source code files
– the test report file (listtest.doc/docx/pdf/…)

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