1) Include name, e-mail, and lab# as comments in the code and also include code to output this information to the output. 2) Minimum of three (3) comments (including Pre/Post) in each function. 3) User defined constants for property tax rate, cost of utilities, and cost of insurance. Use non-global memory constant for percent of down payment. 4) Use exactly one function separate from main for input. 5) Call a calculation function from main which handles all calculations. This function needs to contain a sub-function to calculate the down payment, amount of the loan and monthly mortgage payment. 6) Use exactly one function separate from main for output. 7) Output must be formatted exactly as shown on lab write-up with decimal points lined up. Output must be copied to a separate file. 8) All functions (other than main() & your signature function) must use prototype style. Test data (see or use Excel & pmt()to check your answers) Set 1 – $600,000, 4%, 20 Set 2 – $400,000, 4.2%, 30

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