Math Study Guide 3

1. For a certain family of 4, gross income per month is given by 𝐺(π‘₯) = 30π‘₯ + 3000, where π‘₯ represents the number of hours worked in that month. Find the inverse function πΊβˆ’1(π‘₯).

2. Find a function whose graph is as shown.

3. You receive a lump sum amount of $20,000. You invest that money in a certificate of deposit that pays 2% interest compounded monthly. How much money will you have at the end of 10 years?

4. Solve the following system of equations: 𝑦 = 3π‘₯ + 1
4π‘₯ βˆ’ 5𝑦 = 6

5. Find each of the following, you must use your calculator.
a. Log 45

b. LN 45

6. Express as a sum or difference of logarithms.
a. LN abc

b. Log N/M

7. Express as a sum or difference of logarithms. LN (2/(3x3yz3))

8. Calculate the following. Log64(1/8) = x

9. Find the doubling time if the initial population is 438,000 and the growth rate is 4.4%.

10. Solve the system of inequalities. Graph your solution.
x + y ≀ 4 x – y β‰₯ 3

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