Write a new C++ program with the following functionality:
x The program writes a greeting on the screen.
x Then the program displays a maze of ASCII symbols on the screen.
x The maze consists of 8 rows and 8 columns of characters.
In each column/row there can be one of the following symbols:
ASCII-code Symbol
179 ¦
180 ¦
191 +
192 +
193 –
194 –
195 +
196 –
197 +
217 +
218 +
32 (space)
x The first row of the maze is +– –+ (ASCII codes 218, 196, 196, 32, 32, 196, 196, 191).
x The eighth row of the maze is +– –+ (ASCII codes 192, 196, 196, 32, 32, 196, 196, 217).
x The first and last symbol of rows 2–7 of the maze are ASCII code 179.
x The ASCII symbols of the inner part of the maze are selected randomly from the above list.
x Each run of the program should display a different maze.
It is not possible to enter these symbols into your program code from the keyboard. However it is
possible to use cout to display these symbols using their ASCII codes, as follows:
cout << (char)104 << (char)101 << (char)108 << (char)108 << (char)111 << endl; The notation (char) is a "type cast" that changes the data type of the following number from int to char, so that cout treats the number as an ASCII code of a char, and displays the corresponding character instead of the number value itself. Here is an example of what the output of your program could look like:

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