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Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/bin/Debug/Mingo Project.xml
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/Main Form.Designer.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/Main Form.resx
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/Main Form.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/Mingo Project.vbproj
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Application.Designer.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Application.myapp
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Resources.resx
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/My Project/Settings.settings
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferences.cache
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/DesignTimeResolveAssemblyReferencesInput.cache
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/GenerateResource.read.1.tlog
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/GenerateResource.write.1.tlog
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo Project.exe
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo Project.pdb
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo Project.vbproj.FileListAbsolute.txt
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo Project.xml
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo_Project.frmMain.resources
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/Mingo_Project.Resources.resources
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/TempPE/
Mingo Solution/Mingo Project/obj/Debug/TempPE/My Project.Resources.Designer.vb.dll
Mingo Solution/Mingo Solution.sln
Mingo Solution/Mingo Solution.suo
Mingo Solution/Question.txt
Mingo Solution/Screenshot_1.png

Problem 2: Chapter 3, Lesson B; page 175; Exercise 6: the Mingo Solution.

Open the Mingo Solution (Mingo Solution.sln) file contained in the VB2010\Chap03\Mingo

Solution folder. If necessary, open the designer window. The application allows the sales

manager to enter the sales made in three states. It then calculates and displays both the total

sales made and the total commission earned in the three states.

a. Make the Calculate button the default button.

b. Enter the appropriate Option statements in the Code Editor window.

c. Code the Exit button so that it ends the application when it is clicked.

d. Use the pseudocode shown in Figure 3-43 to code the Calculate button’s Click event

procedure. Be sure to use variables. (Do not use the Val function.) The commission rate

is 5%. Use the ToString method to display a thousands separator (if necessary) and

two decimal places in the total sales and commission amounts.

e. Save the solution and then start the application. Test the application by calculating the

total sales and commission for the following amounts: New York sales of 15000, Maine

sales of 25000, and Florida sales of 10500.

Pseudocode for the btnCalc Click event procedure

1. calculate total sales = New York sales + Maine sales + Florida sales

2. calculate commission = total sales * commission rate

3. display total sales and commission in lblTotalSales and lblCommission

4. send the focus to the txtNewYork control

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