Nancy Duncan & Luisa Gomes

Nancy Duncan makes artistic weavings that are used as wall hangings. She sells her weavings primarily at open-air art shows and street fairs through her agent, Ruth Nielsen. Ruth charges 25% on all sales, plus the fees to operate the sales booths and transportation expenses. After selling at four art shows, Ruth had total sales of $35,200. Each art show charged a booth fee of $600, and Ruth’s total transportation expenses were $675. What were Nancy’s net proceeds?

Luisa Gomes works for Southeast Appliance Mart. She receives a biweekly salary of $1,100 for which she must sell $10,000 worth of appliances. She also receives a commission of 6% on net sales above $10,000. What will be Luisa’s pay for two weeks when her net appliance sales were $46,000?

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