Netflix & Amazon

Netflix, Inc., and, Inc., each deal with billions of dollars in transactions every year, so each company must be diligent in its record keeping and handling of finances. As you have examined previously in this course, companies use balance sheets to record financial activities and to communicate their financial health to stakeholders.To prepare for Part 4 of your Course Project, locate and find the current balance sheets of both Netflix, Inc., and, Inc. Analyze these balance sheets and consider what trends, if any, they illustrate for either company. Consider the cause and implications for this information.For Part 4, answer the following questions in a 3-page paper:Are any of the accounts increasing or decreasing? If so, what indicators explain this trend?Which of these accounts are distinctive to each business? Why?Based on the presented financial ratios, can you determine if the firm is improving or deteriorating? Why or why not?

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