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Write a Java application that allows a user to enter 10 numbers (double precision) into an array and then sorts and displays the numbers from lowest to highest. Remember that array addresses begin at 0, not at 1. You should use the Arrays.sort() method. Demonstrate your code compiles and runs without issue (You can use screen captures to demonstrate this functionality in a word document). Name your Java file Name your Word document Yournamehw3.doc (or Yournamehw3.docx)

Be sure to include comprehensive test cases to demonstrate your program is implemented correctly. Your test cases should include the input, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed. You can document your test cases in a word table and include it in your word document submission. Test cases should include negative numbers, and numbers that are very close to each other (to test the sort). For example, -.001, -.0011,0.0,.001,.0011,.00111,.0010001,-999,999,999.00001

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