Develop a program that calculates the final score and the average score for a student from his/her (1)class participation, (2) […]


Write a program that accepts a list of up to 100 integers and displays a bar graph showing the frequencies […]


A local small business has hired you to write a payroll calculation program. The program only needs to calculate gross […]

3 Python Functions

Exercise 1: Create a function that accepts a single array as an argument. Given an array of integers, x, sort […]


Write the JavaScript Code to achieve the following:Declare three variables—one number and two strings. The number should be 120 and […]

Project Closings

I have a term paper due by Tuesday and I need help. Because no length has been specified on this […]


Develop an algorithm in pseudocode that will accept the names, number of sessions attended, fees paid and category of gym […]