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Write a class named PhoneEntry to represent a name and phone number. Then, write a separate driver program and name it to declare and instantiate five phone entries and to print them out.
The PhoneEntry class should be written to the following specifications:
• There should be at least three fields, representing the first name, last name and phone number.
• All set and get methods should be defined.
• A constructor should be defined with three parameters representing the three fields.
• A default constructor should be defined setting the three fields to default values.
• A public String toString() method should return a String with the first name, last name and phone number concatenated together with readable spacing and/or punctuation.
Be sure to add comments with a description of the program, your name, the date, and a short comment for each variable declaration. Also, add comments for each method describing the method and commenting all parameters, return values and local variables. Also be sure to use good variable names.

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