printResults CPP

Write a program that reads a text and outputs the letters, together with their counts, as explained below in the function printResults. Your program should not have any global variables. All information should be accessed through the parameters of the functions. Your program should have at least the following functions.

Function main – calls all the functions

Function openFile – opens the input and output files. This program has the file stream declare a reference parameter. An appropriate error message should be displayed if the file does not exist. The program must ask the user for the names of the input and output files.

Function countLetters – counts every uppercase letters A – Z and lower-case letters from a-z in the next text file opened in the function openFile. This information should be stored in an array of structures. Both the array and file identifiers must be passed as parameters.

Function printResults – prints the number of uppercase letters for every occurence of A-Z and the percentage of lower-case letters for every occurance of a-z. The percentage should look like this: “25%”. This information must come from an array structures, and must be passed as a parameter

Hint: Use a structure to store the information.

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