Write a Java application that prompts the user for pairs of inputs of a product number (1-5), and then an integer quantity of units sold (this is two separate prompts for input values). You must use a switch statement and a sentinel-controlled loop (i.e. a loop that stops execution when an out of range value, (i.e. less than 0), is input). All 15 items below are for a single purchase. There are five sets of inputs as follows:
Product 1 1 unit (cost is $2.98 per unit)
Product 2 2 units (cost is $4.50 per unit)
Product 3 3 units (cost is $9.98 per unit)
Product 4 4 units (cost is $4.49 per unit)
Product 5 5 units (cost is $6.87 per unit)
The application must calculate and display the total retail value of all products sold, after all 5 pairs of inputs are completed. You must also display the total after each new pair of input values is entered. Scanner class for output is fine.

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