Program 2A

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A. Develop an application that reads your listings.txt file, analyzes the property listed per agent,
and outputs a report to an agentreport.txt file. Your application should do the following:

1. Prompt the user for the name of the input file (listings.txt).

2. open listings.txt file and read in property listings.

3. Store each property type into a Set. a. Convert property type to upper case before
adding to your Set using method(s) from String class. b. Sort your Set of property types alphabetically.

4. Use a Map to calculate total property listed in dollars and cents for each agent id.
: Agent id would be the key, and accumulated total of property listed would be the value.
Sort your Map by agent id.
Create an agentreport.txt file.

5. Use an Iterator to iterate through your Set and write your sorted set of property
types sold by the agents to the agentreport.txt file using unbuffered file output stream.

6. Iterate through your Map to write your sorted pair of agent id and total property
listed to the agentreport.txt file using unbuffered file output stream.

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