Question Survey

Two-dimensional table. Create a project in which the user will complete a 10 question survey. Create a form containing labels with each of the following responses: Always, Usually, Sometimes, Seldom, and Never. Use a two-dimensional array to accumulate the number of each response for each question. Have a menu or button that will print and item analysis on the printer that shows the question number and the count for each response.
Driving school survey
Question 1 Do you text and drive?
2 Do you ever drive over the speed limit?
3 Do you always wear your seatbelt?
4 Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?
5 Have you ever been convicted of a hit and run?
6 Have your license ever been suspended?
7 Do you drink alcoholic beverages while driving?
8 Have you ever been in an accident?
9 Do you lock your vehicle door every time you get out?
10 Have you vehicle ever been broking in to?

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