Problem: Given a positive integer to serve as the seed value for the random number generator, generate 15 random
numbers between 1 and 1,000,000 inclusive and display in reverse order (from last random number (array index #14) to
first random number (array index #0)) the largest perfect square greater than one (22
= 4, 32
= 9, 42
= 16, 52
= 25, 62
= 36
and so on) that is a divisor of the current random number. The use of a single integer array of size 15 is required.

Additional Requirements:
1. Add the homework assignment header file to the top of your program. A description of your program will need to
be included in the assignment header.
2. Each of the example executions provided for your reference represents a single execution of the program.
Your program must accept input and produce output exactly as demonstrated in the example executions. Your
program will be tested with the data seen in the example executions and an unknown number of additional tests
making use of meaningful data. The only input validation requirement in this problem is demonstrated in the final
example execution.
3. For this assignment you will be required to implement the user-defined functions (from chapter 4). Failing to
follow course standards as they relate to good user-defined function use will result in a zero for this assignment.
4. Revisit course standards as it relates what makes for good use of user-defined functions, what is acceptable
to retain in the main function, and when passing parameters by address is appropriate. In many cases userdefined function use should result in a main function that only declares variables and makes function calls.
5. Course standards prohibit the use of programming concepts not yet introduced in lecture. For this assignment you
may consider all material in the first eight chapters of the book, notes, and lectures to be acceptable for use.
◦ The use of any dynamic array structures (chapters 9 and 10) would violate this requirement and result in no
credit being awarded for your effort. See course standards below for array declaration expectations.

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