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Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/cl.command.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/CL.write.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/link.command.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/link.write.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/mt.command.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/mt.write.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.exe
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.exe.intermediate.manifest
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.ilk
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.lastbuildstate
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.log
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.obj
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.pdb
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.vcxprojResolveAssemblyReference.cache
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/Recursive Loop Counter.write.1.tlog
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/vc100.idb
Recursive Loop Counter/Debug/vc100.pdb
Recursive Loop Counter/ipch/
Recursive Loop Counter/ipch/recursive loop counter-c1bc7940/
Recursive Loop Counter/ipch/recursive loop counter-c1bc7940/recursive loop counter-6781abde.ipch
Recursive Loop Counter/Question.txt
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.cpp
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.sln
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.suo
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.vcxproj
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.vcxproj.filters
Recursive Loop Counter/Recursive Loop Counter.vcxproj.user
Recursive Loop Counter/Screenshot_1.png

Design and implement a recursive function that performs the same task as
a loop counter. This function will have a void return type and
two parameters. One parameter holds the initial value of the counter variable
and is incremented on each recursive call. The other parameter holds a limit,
specifying the number of desired iterations plus one. The base case occurs
when the counter variable is equal to the limit. In the general case, print
out the counter value. Display a message indicating the loop is finished when
the base case is reached. Test your function with a simple calling program.

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