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Roseau Company is preparing its annual earnings per share amounts to be disclosed on its 2013 income statement. It has collected the following information at the end of 2013: 1. Net income: $120,400. Included in the net income is income from continuing operations of $130,400 and its extraordinary loss (net of income taxes) of $10,000. Corporate income tax rate: 30%. 2. Common stock outstanding on January 1,2013: 20,000 shares. 3. Common stock issuance during 2013: July 6, 4,000 shares; August 24, 3,000 shares. 4. Stock dividend: On October 19, 2013, the company declared a 10% stock dividend that resulted in 2,700 additional outstanding shares of common stock. 5. Common stock prices: 2013 average market price,$30 per share; 2013 ending market price, $27 per share. 6. 7% preferred stock outstanding on January 1, 2013: 1000 shares. Terms: $100 par, nonconvertible. Current dividends have been paid. No preferred stock issued during 2013. 7. 8% convertible preferred stock outstanding on January 1, 2013: 800 shares. the stock was issued in 2013 at $130 per share. Each $100 par preferred stock is currently convertible into 1.7 shares of common stock. Current dividends have been paid. To date, no preferred stock has been converted. 8. Bonds payable outstanding on January 1, 2013: $100,000 face value. These bonds were issued several years ago at 97 and pay annual interest of 9.6%. The discount is being amortized in the amount of $300 per year. Each $1,000 bond is currently convertible into 22 shares of common stock. To date, no bonds have been converted. 9. Compensatory share options outstanding: Key executives may currently acquire 3,000 shares of common stock at $20 per share. The options were granted in 2012. To date, none have been exercised. The unrecognized compensation cost (net of tax) related to the options is $4 per share. Required: 1. Compute the basic earnings per share. Show supporting calculations. 2. Compute the diluted earnings per share. Show supporting calculations. 3. Show how Roseau would report these earnings per share figures on its 2013 income statement. Include an explanatory note to the financial statements.

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