Shipping Company

A shipping company calculates charges based on parcel’s weight and distance to be shipped.
The weight charges are:
0 to 10 pounds – > $0.75 per pound
10 to 15 pounds – > $0.85 per pound
15 to 20 pounds – > $0.95 per pound
over 20 pounds NOT ALLOWED
Distance charges are:
0 to 50 miles – > $0.07 per mile
50 to 100 miles – > $0.06 per mile
100 to 200 miles – > $0.05 per mile
200 to 500 miles – > $0.04 per mile
over 500 miles NOT ALLOWED

Create a program to compute the total charge based on the two schedules above. Your program should ask the user for the parcel’s wight and distance to be shipped. Then it should compute and add the two charges into the final one to be displayed. IMPORTANT: Your program should display an ERROR for values that are not allowed for either weight, miles, or both. Not allowed values are negative or over the limit from the two schedules. Your program will be tested for such values.

Sample run:
Welcome to Shipping Company!
Please enter the weight in pounds of your package: 2.5
Please enter the distance in miles to be shipped: 56
Your total charge is: $5.24

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