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Design and develop a simpleStationary ordering Systemfor Writers Depot, a factory producing stationeries.

The Stationery Ordering System will receive the monthly order for their best selling items and determine the paid and unpaid amount for each of the items. The program should also calculate the net profit gained by the factory.

The selling price and discounts given to their customers are as the following tables:

Best selling items

Cost price per unit

Blue pen 1.0 point

RM 0.20

One inch thick notebook

RM 2.50

Two-pocket plastic folder

RM 0.50

200-pages blank planner

RM 2.50

Best selling items

Profit margin

Ball pen 1.0 point


One inch thick notebook


Two-pocket plastic folder


200-pages blank planner



Discount per order

1 – 500 units


501 – 1000 units


1001 – 2000 units


2001 and more units


The requirements for the system are as follows:

1. The system is able to continuous displaying a menu for the following options until user enters the option “Exit the system”:

a. Enter order details

b. Display monthly report

c. Exit the system

2. All items are packed in a package of 100 units each. The system should be able to reject any quantity that are not ordered in multiple of hundred. It should then ask for another quantity. This process continues until the user enters a correct quantity.

3. If user chooses the option “Display monthly report, the system will generate the following output:

a. Total quantity ordered for each item.

b. Sale amount for each item.

c. Paid amount for each item.

d. Unpaid amount for each item.

e. Total paid amount.

f. Total unpaid amount.

g. Net profit gained.

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