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A REGION can contain many stores. A STORE is located in only one REGION. The relationship between STORE and REGION is M:1. (It is, of course, equally true that the relationship between REGION and STORE is 1:M.) . In summary, each store is located in a single region, but that each region can have many stores located in itA STORE employs EMPLOYEE, This is a is a 1:M relationship, because one store can employ many employees and each employee is employed by one store.There is still another relationship,the additional relationship, expressed by EMPLOYEE manages STORE, is a 1:1 relationship, because each store is managed by one employee and an employee manages only one store.Create an ER Diagram using Chen Notation that illustrates Entities and Relationships described in the requirements listed above. You can use use the modeling tool of your choice. Currently we should have reviewed using both Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Word to create ER Diagrams using Chen notation.pick or select 2-5 attributes for each of the Entities that you created in your diagram

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