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Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/cl.command.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/CL.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/link.4712.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/link.4712-cvtres.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/link.command.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/link.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/link-cvtres.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/mt.command.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/mt.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/rc.command.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/
Student CPP/Debug/rc.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.exe
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.exe.embed.manifest
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.exe.embed.manifest.res
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.exe.intermediate.manifest
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.ilk
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.lastbuildstate
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.log
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.pdb
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP.write.1.tlog
Student CPP/Debug/Student CPP_manifest.rc
Student CPP/Debug/Student.obj
Student CPP/Debug/vc100.idb
Student CPP/Debug/vc100.pdb
Student CPP/Question.txt
Student CPP/Screenshot_1.png
Student CPP/Student CPP.sln
Student CPP/Student CPP.suo
Student CPP/Student CPP.vcxproj
Student CPP/Student CPP.vcxproj.filters
Student CPP/Student CPP.vcxproj.user
Student CPP/Student.cpp

Create a class named Student that has three member variables:
• name – A string for the name of the student.
• numClasses – An integer for how many courses the student is currently enrolled in.
• classList – An array of strings for the names of the classes the student is enrolled in.
Write appropriate constructor(s), mutator (set), and accessor (get) methods for the class
along with the following:
• A function that inputs all values from the user, including the list of class names.
• A function that outputs the name and list of all courses.
• A function that resets the number of classes to 0 and the classList to an empty array
(with null strings).
The main() should test all of these functions. It should perform the following steps in a loop:
• It should ask the user to input a students data.
• Display the entered data back (in a well-formatted way).
• Ask the user if they want to enter the data again (y/n).
1• If ’n’, then the program ends, otherwise it should clear the student class object and
repeat the loop (ask the user to enter new data…).
Note: The statement ‘cin >> variable;’ leaves a newline character in the buffer. This can be
a problem if you are mixing ‘cin >> variable;’ and the ‘getline’ function (that reads a line
of input). Use ‘cin.ignore’ function to discard the newline character after using ‘cin’.
Filename: student.cpp

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