Create a program to handle a college class grades:
Capture the Teacher’s name
Capture the Class designation
The program should ask how many students are in the class and do the following for each student:
Read the students name
Read in up to 10 grades for the student (from 0 – 100 is acceptable. If outside the range don’t use the input, ask for a correction , 999 should stop input of grades if there are less than 10)
Calculate the average of the student’s grades
Compute the student’s grade as a letter grade
For the entire class
Compute the class’s grade average
Determine how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and F’s are in the class.
Write the following data to a file called class_statistics.txt
Teacher: Bob Marley
Class: CGS1010
Student Name: Jim Beam Average: 88 Grade: B
Donna Jenner 95 A
Student count: 2
Student average: 91.5
A’s: 1
B’s: 1
C’s: 0
D’s: 0
F’s: 0

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