Supposedly 5% of the people in California

1. Supposedly 5% of the people in California was African American in 2010. A political
party wants to know how much impact African American will have, so they wonder
if that percentage has changed since then. They take a random sample of 786 adults
in California and ask, among other things, their race. 113 of the people surveyed were
African American. Can the political party conclude that the African American proportion
of the population has the changed since 2010? Same questions like the previous one.
(a) write the claim in symbolic form
(b) create if and then statement for the claim
(c) identify the null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis and number of tails
(d) find test statistic
(e) find p-value
(f) conclusion about the null hypothesis ( reject or fail to reject)
(g) final conclusion that addresses the original claim.

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