SYM 506 RS Baseball 2016 Data

Refer to the Baseball 2016 data, which reports information on the 2016 Major
League Baseball season. Let attendance be the dependent variable and total team salary
be the independent variable. Determine the regression equation and answer the
following questions.
a. Draw a scatter diagram. From the diagram, does there seem to be a direct relationship
between the two variables?
b. What is the expected attendance for a team with a salary of $100.0 million?
c. If the owners pay an additional $30 million, how many more people could they expect
to attend?
d. At the .05 significance level, can we conclude that the slope of the regression line is
positive? Conduct the appropriate test of hypothesis.
e. What percentage of the variation in attendance is accounted for by salary?
f. Determine the correlation between attendance and team batting average and between
attendance and team ERA. Which is stronger? Conduct an appropriate test of
hypothesis for each set of variables.

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