Teacher’s Pet Software

You are developing a Fraction structure for Teacher’s Pet Software. The structure contains three data fields for whole number, numerator, and denominator. Using the same structure, write the functions described below.

An enterFractionValue() function that declares a local Fraction structure and prompts the user to enter values for the Fraction. Do not allow the user to enter a value of 0 for the denominator of any Fraction; continue to prompt the user for a denominator value until a valid one is entered. The function returns a data-filled Fraction structure to the calling function.

A reduceFraction() function that accepts a Fraction structure and reduces it to proper form, returning the reduced Fraction. For example, a Fraction entering the function as 0 2/6 would be reduced to 0 1/3, and a Fraction entered as 4 18/4 would be reduced to 8 ½.

A displayFraction() function that displays any Fraction structure passed to it. This function displays a fraction with a slash between the numerator and denominator.
A main() function that declares a Fraction structure and continues to get Fraction values from the user until the user enters a Fraction with value 0 (both the whole number and the numerator are 0). For each Fraction entered, display the Fraction, reduce the Fraction, and display the Fraction again.

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