Teaching UML & JAVA

Read the following short passage of the text to identify the class candidates as well as their possible relationships – composition or aggregation that might exist among them:
Assume that we defined a teaching course with attributes: name, dept, year, semester (with values F – “Fall”, S- “Summer”, W- “Winter”).
Also semester is associated with:
– course description (a paragraph of text),
– professor with his office number, and a phone extension (note that one course could be instructed by only one instructor, and one instructor may teach several courses at the same time),
– student may be enrolled to the course (note that course may have up to 30 students), and each student should receive an average course mark.1) First you have design a UML class diagram. You may choose to use aggregation/ composition – where necessary.
2) Java implementation: Implement all required classes in Java, according to UML class diagram. Create a test class with one course instructed by one specific professor, and add a list of students enrolled into this course. Note: at the end, the program should calculate a course average student’s mark for particular course. You are expected to add all programming comments in your code.

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