Write a Java program that does the following:
1. In the main() method complete the following:
1. Ask user to enter number of days that was patient entered to the hospital ( i.e 5 days)
2. Enter number of times that nurse read the temperature of patient in Celsius (3,4, 5, time or even more) 4. Within the loop, ask the user to enter temperature were read by nurse. 5. Within the loop, store each temperature in your array. 6. If the user enters a temperature below 33.5C or above 42C, then display an error message and keep looping till read the right one.
2. Write just one method call it Summary that called from main method and return average,maximum, and minimum of temperatures. Print the result on screen from main method.
3. Call another method call it belowAboveAverage that will return number of temperatures less than or equal to average of temperatures, and number of temperatures above the average.
4. Call a method sorting call it sortedArray that will sort using binary the temperatures in ascending order during all days store it in new 2D dimensional array and return it to main. 5. Call printArray method to print the sorted array on screen.
Days #of Readings Actual Reading Per Day (in Celsius ) 1 4 40.5 41 39.8 38.7 2 5 41.2 41.3 40.7 40.8 41.3 3 5 40.9 38.5 38.9 40.1 39.8 4 3 38.2 38.2 37.9 5 2 37.5 37.2

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