Tic Tac Toe

Using C++ (one-dimensional arrays) I have to build a Tic- Tac-Toe game where a human is playing against the computer. The program requirements are:

1. Validate user input at every opportunity.
a. Do not allow number entries less than 0
b. Do not allow number entries greater than 8
c. Do not allow non-numeric entries
2. Do not use global variables in the development of the program
3. You may use global constants in the development of the program
4. Use one-dimensional arrays to keep track of the game:
a. Computer moves
b. Human moves
5. Use functions to pass arrays and implement other program requirements.
6. The program must be developed using functions so that the main() function consists mostly of function calls
7. Computer must be aggressive and take every opportunity to win the game if and when the human makes errors
8. The main() function must use a loop to keep the user in the program until he/she wants to quit.

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