Triangle Creator Application

Problem 19.11 – Triangle Creator Application – Create an application that allows the user to enter the lengths for the three sides of a triangle as Integers. The application should then determine whether the triangle is a right triangle (two sides of the triangle form a 90-degree angle), an equilateral triangle (all sides of equal length) or neither. You must create a class to represent a triangle object and define the event handler for the Create Button.
The actual problem from the book is attached in PDF form with a visual final result of how it should look (problem19.11.pdf). The chapter 19 of the book can be seen from the link to the google book above and its also reprinted as PDF (chapter19.pdf). A template of the problem (.SLN file & related files – in folder “Triangle”) is included that has the basic GUI of it. Need you to finish the problem as described in Problem 19.11 following each step they list (problem steps are listed in chapter19.pdf, last two pages of the document). Need a small desctiption in the code around what each piece is doing. Need to be able to open, edit, and run this in Microsoft Visual Basic Express (will need back the triangle folder with .SLN related files as the completed project).

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