Triangles of Asterisks

(Triangles of asterisks) Write a program that displays the following patterns separately, one below the other in a textbox. Use for…Next loops to generate the patterns. All asterisks (*) should be displayed one at a time by the statement outputTextBox.AppendText(“*”) (This causes the asterisk to display side by side.) The statement outputTextBox.AppendText(vbCrLf) can be used to display spaces for the last two patterns. There should be no other output statement for the program. [Hint: the last two pattern require that each line begin with an appropriate number of blanks.] Maximize your use of repititon(with nested For…Next statements) and minimize the number of output sttements. Set the TextBox’s font property to Lucida Console, its MultiLine property to True and its ScrollBars property to verticle ‘so that you can scroll through the results. Provide textboxs to enter the size of the triangles and the symbol to print. Print the triangles only when size is between 3 and 15, inlcusive.

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