Trivia Game
In this programming challenge you will create a simple trivia game for two players. The program will work like this:
Starting with player 1, each player gets a turn answering five trivia questions.(There should be a total of 10 trivia questions) When a question is displayed, four possible answers are also displayed. Only one of the answers is correct, and if the player selects the correct answer he or she earns a point.
After answers have been selected for all of the questions, the program displays the number of points earned by each player and declares the player with the highest number of points as the winner.
In this trivia game you will design a Question class to hold the data for a trivia question.
The question class should have member variables for the following data:
A trivia question
Possible answer #1
Possible answer #2
Possible answer #3
Possible answer #4
The number of the correct answer (1,2,3, or4)
The question class should have appropriate constructor(s), accessor, and mutator functions.
The program should create an array of 10 Question objects, one for each trivia question. Make up your own trivia questions on the subject or subjects of your choice for the objects.
Create a data file to load the datafrom for the trivia answers. I need the cpp file and data file for this one

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