Final Project (Truck Rental)
Compute and display information relating to moving truck rental. For a specified customer, the program will compute and display the amount of money
charged the customer’s truck rental.
Rental Information
Classification Base Charge Daily Mileage Charge (Daily Rentals) Base Charge Weekly Mileage Charge (Weekly
A 19.95 0.59 per mile 125.68 0.59 per mile after first 200 miles per week
B 29.95 0.79 per mile 188.68 0.
79 per mile after first 200 miles per week
C 39.95 0.85 per mile 251.68 0.85 per mile after first 200 miles per week

User wants a Class B truck for 2 days and will drive 130 miles. The cost is $162.60 (daily rate $29.95 for 2 days = 59.90 + 130 miles * .79 = 102.70)
User wants a Class C truck for 1 week and will drive 210 miles. The cost is $260.18 (weekly rate $251.68 for 1 week + (210-200) miles * .85 = 8.50)**
** note: Weekly rentals include mileage. Our example takes total mileage – 200 (allowance) to determine 10 additional miles. Refunds are not given for unused miles.
Your application will calculate the rental rate for a customer and display it to screen. From a menu, the user will select truck classification. After truck
classification has been selected, display a menu with the rental options of daily or weekly. The program then needs to gather how many days or weeks
the user wants to rent the truck and then how many miles will be driven.
Programming Requirements
Your program must include the following concepts:
• Functions – you must begin your program with main().
• Lists – consider the Classification/Base Charge Daily/Daily Mileage Charge/Base Charge Weekly/Mileage Charge Weekly/Allowed Mileage Weekly
as parallel lists or a two-dimensional list.
• Variables – data input/output to the user will most likely be stored in variables.
• Loops – after the completion of computing a customer’s total, loop to the beginning of the program making it ready for the next customer.
• Conditions – you will use if/else statements to compare values.
• Menu – your application needs to have a menu of choices (rent truck, exit) with professional formatting.
• Exception handling – input errors should be handled.

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