Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority

Ask a Question

Go to our Ask A Question page, login your account or register first then type your question and click Submit. You will redirect to your submitted Question, there you may set your budget for you question or you may wait for the expert to set the budget.

If you and the expert both accepted the amount budget. You can now pay the amount using Paypal or Credit Card. 

The expert will send you the answer before your given deadline.

You can keep asking the expert or ask for revisions until you are satisfied with the answer.

If you are not satisfied with the answer or you did not receive the answer on your given deadline, you can ask a Refund on your Question Page.

Ready To Download Solution

Click on Add to Cart button on every solutions you want to download, if you’re finish clicking purchase button, click on Checkout button to go to Checkout Page, fill the personal info, and click Purchase to go to Payment Page (Paypal). If you don’t have Paypal Account you can use your Credit Card to purchase the solution.
NOTE: We don’t store credit card information on our servers. All Payments are handled by Paypal.

There are three options on how you can download your purchased solution:

1.) First, you may download it at the Purchase Confirmation page after your payment has been made.

2.) Second, you may download it at the receipt email that automatically sent to your email address where the download link is included. Check your Spam/Junk Folder in case you can’t see it on your Inbox.

3.) Third, you may download your solution by logging-in your account, go to My Account page, click on Purchase History and click on the specific solution.

If you already downloaded your solution, you must extract or unzip it before you can use it. To unzip the file, Right Click on your mouse, select Extract to.